Wracky.net is about ME! Wracky! And the stuff I find interesting.

I’m a  programmer from the Netherlands, and I work for a game-middleware and streaming solution company called Kalydo. I’ve been working there there for the last 3 years as an engine programmer/technology developer.  I live together with my girlfriend who is a talented self-employed web developer. (I’m so proud of her ;-))

This page will tell you the rest about my general interests and everyday stuff, like programming, the games I play, the movies I see, the gadgets I bought and little projects I undertook. Over time I hope to gather some interesting stuff to read here for people who care about this kind of stuff 🙂

I have a second page, which centers around my biggest project right now, which is a little 3D engine I’m writing. You can find it on http://www.piko3d.net

Hope you’ll find something nice to read here 🙂


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