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Just Hangin’, Chillin’… and Playin STARCRAFT 2!!!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Hey People,

So what’s old wracky up to these days? Three things really:

  • Playing Fallout: new Vegas
  • Coding on Piko3D
  • Playing Starcraft 2!!

Well for starters, Fallout: New Vegas is cool!… Its more of the same from Fallout 3, but since I really enjoyed that, I really enjoy new vegas 🙂 Got me the collectors edition which looks very nice, and all and all enjoying it…

Although a lot of my Fallout time gets taken up by me and my friends playing STARCRAFT 2!! Man yes that game is sorta adictive. It’s really funny to see how many strategies are possible with this game. At first I thought it was a bit dull.. dull in the sense that maps weren’t as imaginative as let’s say the Dawn of War series… There’s just your base, resource points, and COMBAT!! However the 3 available races all have multiple interesting aspects and possible strategies! And the more you play the game, the better you get and the more diverse the game becomes! I’m also playing the campaign for the second time now to hunt some achievements.

All and all some really good games to be played right now… and they’re all big time sinks!!
But! Aside from gaming, we also make time to code on our little 3D engine project called Piko3D at least once a week! And recently, Paramike, a friend who works with me and some others on the project, wrote a little dynamic octree tutorial to explain how our Octree space partitioning works! So go there if you’re interested in that kind of stuff 🙂 It also includes a nice video!!

Well that’s it for now!



Waiting for the sun! (and spare time!)

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Waiting for some spare time and good light to finish fotos for my N900 review 🙂
I’ve got some pictures already, but I want some better ones so I need light!

It’s winter now, and I work during the daytime when it’s light, so not much actual time for making pictures… Oh well! I’ll finish it as soon as I can!


Added a “Review” section.

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Added a Review section to the page.
I like to talk about what I think about the stuff that I’ve bought, or the games that I’ve played. Perhaps somebody looking to play a game, or looking for information on this stuff can find some interesting notes here 🙂 so I guess I’ll be doing more of these.

Future reviews will be added as pages under the “Reviews” section of the page, rather then as posts, so that the news-section of the page stays a bit cleaner.
I’ll start working on my Nokia n900 review soon, so be sure to check back if you’re interested in what I think about the device 🙂

Talk to you later!

Got a Nokia N900!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note for now, but I’ve got me a Nokia N900!! 😀 I’ve had it now for 3 days, and am VERY happy with it 🙂 So far, all is well, and it’s a lot better and more fun than I imagined 🙂

I’m planning to do a full review on it later on, but I’ve been too busy playing with it to actually get to know every aspect of the phone that I want to put in my review! So that’ll have to wait a bit longer 🙂 I will include reports on speed, features, interface, battery life and size.

And for those of you who are worrying about it: I’ll give you a small preview: If you look at this thing realistically, the N900’s battery life is actually pretty good! I’ll explain later why, after I found out how long I can make it last with my normal everyday use. (that means, when I’m done playing with it, and using every moment to suck the battery dry with whichever app/feature I can find :P)

Talk to you soon with a full review!

Wracky. is Themed again!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

The theme is up!

It’s not completely done yet, but I thought I’d give it to ya 🙂
It’s easier to make the final adjustments this way.

This design is about…. 5 years old now I think 😀 I’ve been really close to putting this online several times! One including a finished page with simple php cms-like code behind it, and then formatting the wrong drive on my laptop!! Well here it is then, finally, as a wordpress skin. This way I finally have a full featured CMS behind the site which means I’ll probably update it more often. WordPress may be a mess when it comes to the underlying structures, but DAMN is it easy to setup.. and the backend is REALLY nice.

Well, there ya have it!