Got a Nokia N900!

January 6th, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note for now, but I’ve got me a Nokia N900!! 😀 I’ve had it now for 3 days, and am VERY happy with it 🙂 So far, all is well, and it’s a lot better and more fun than I imagined 🙂

I’m planning to do a full review on it later on, but I’ve been too busy playing with it to actually get to know every aspect of the phone that I want to put in my review! So that’ll have to wait a bit longer 🙂 I will include reports on speed, features, interface, battery life and size.

And for those of you who are worrying about it: I’ll give you a small preview: If you look at this thing realistically, the N900’s battery life is actually pretty good! I’ll explain later why, after I found out how long I can make it last with my normal everyday use. (that means, when I’m done playing with it, and using every moment to suck the battery dry with whichever app/feature I can find :P)

Talk to you soon with a full review!


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