Update: What am I Playing: The Witcher

December 14th, 2009

Ok so with Brütal Legend done, I thought I’d update my game list.

I’m playing “The Witcher” again, which I recommend to any adult who likes Action/RPG type games, Hard to make choices and extensive story line. It’s not the most dynamic RPG game out there. Hardly an open world game, and you don’t get to pick yer class… You’re just… a witcher. You do balance your own skill set and abilities, but the most important aspect this game focusses on is moral choices. Who you are is defined more by your choices than by your skill set. This feels really deep and well told the first time you play it through.

I’ve played it till well in chapter VI before I accidentally deleted my save games in a reinstall, so I started again. I thought I’d play it again from the start. I’m now back in chapter VI and I have to say: Although interesting, the game is less deep than I initially thought. The game has a really good way of making you feel your choices really matter, and this is why you SHOULD play it… but playing it a second time through reveals that the story will continue in a certain way regardless of what you pick. Although some things WILL be different, and you’ll have to figure out another way to solve your situation, the effects are still, as expected, rather superficial.

What’s nice is, that on my second run, I did get to see stuff that was new to me, which was nice… and the story is great, so playing it out a second time, slightly different, was entertaining none the less. Overall the game is WELL done, and you should pick it up. Here’s my updated game list.

Currently focused on:

  • PC: The Witcher (Second Run)

Half finished and in the fridge:

  • PC: Ben There, Dan That
  • PC: Heroes of Might and Magic V
  • PC: Sam and max: Season 2
  • PC: Vampyre story
  • Wii: Zelda – Twilight Princes
  • Wii: Zelda – Wind Waker

Want to play in the near future:

  • PC: Deus Ex 1 (Fourth time)
  • PC: Halflife 1 (Actually finish this time)

Recently Finished:

  • PS3: Brütal Legend (8/10, click the link for full review)
  • PS3: Uncharted: Among Thieves (9/10)
  • PS3: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (7/10, gameplay really is shallow)
  • PC: Braid ( 8/10: work of art)
  • PC: World of Goo ( 8/10: work of art)

I’ve added some games to the “fridge” section, as I’m really busy with my 3D engine project now, called Piko3D and really only need to focus on one game for now. I’ve also added some scores to games I finished to give you an idea of what I thought 🙂 That’s it! Regards, Wracky.

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