Just Hangin’, Chillin’… and Playin STARCRAFT 2!!!

November 30th, 2010

Hey People,

So what’s old wracky up to these days? Three things really:

  • Playing Fallout: new Vegas
  • Coding on Piko3D
  • Playing Starcraft 2!!

Well for starters, Fallout: New Vegas is cool!… Its more of the same from Fallout 3, but since I really enjoyed that, I really enjoy new vegas 🙂 Got me the collectors edition which looks very nice, and all and all enjoying it…

Although a lot of my Fallout time gets taken up by me and my friends playing STARCRAFT 2!! Man yes that game is sorta adictive. It’s really funny to see how many strategies are possible with this game. At first I thought it was a bit dull.. dull in the sense that maps weren’t as imaginative as let’s say the Dawn of War series… There’s just your base, resource points, and COMBAT!! However the 3 available races all have multiple interesting aspects and possible strategies! And the more you play the game, the better you get and the more diverse the game becomes! I’m also playing the campaign for the second time now to hunt some achievements.

All and all some really good games to be played right now… and they’re all big time sinks!!
But! Aside from gaming, we also make time to code on our little 3D engine project called Piko3D at least once a week! And recently, Paramike, a friend who works with me and some others on the project, wrote a little dynamic octree tutorial to explain how our Octree space partitioning works! So go there if you’re interested in that kind of stuff 🙂 It also includes a nice video!!

Well that’s it for now!



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