LED Cube status and Piko3D

March 31st, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I know a lot of people come here for my LED cube project.
I haven’t shared any updates on this on here for quite a while.

I have occasionally worked a bit on the Cube from time to time, and I think the Lattice is almost finished now.
However I’m doing a lot of work for my 3D game engine project at the moment!
Both projects are things that I love doing, but they also compete with my gaming habits!

That means, that if I’m passionate about one, the other tends to suffer. As times when I get home tired from work, are often filled with relaxing and playing some Banished at the moment 🙂 Weekends are often the moments when I work on one of these, and at the moment, that’s Piko3D. The guys I work with are also putting a lot of time into it now, and we’re making good progress. It’s only fair to keep focusing on that for now.

I have too many hobbies!
Sometimes, I take a week off from work, and than it’s often Cube time.
I’ll keep you informed. In the mean time, head over to Piko3D.net and see what we’re up to over there.




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